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SCHOLL - The Bud of the White Rose is expressly not intended as a scientific treatise, but rather as a theatrical experience based on true events and inspired by the events of the time. 

Many forces have contributed to its creation.

Thank you very much to...

... the staff of the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich, who granted access to the extensive estate of Inge Aicher-Scholl with kind permission.

the Scholl biographer, Dr. Robert M. Zoske, for numerous discussions and exchanges.

the August Everding Theater Academy in Munich, in particular to Prof. Marianne Larsen, Matthias Gentzen, Christoph Weinhart and Manfred Manhart (accompaniment), Lili König (assistant director), Laura Bruckner (dramaturgy) and the students of the musical theatre course who were involved in the readings of the play: Emily Mrosek, Tim Morsbach, Mats Visser, Juliette Lapouthe, Lorena Brugger, Ömer Örgey, Jacky Smit and Julia Taschler. 

Traute Lafrenz-Page and her daughter, Renee Meyer.

the 1st chairwoman of the Weiße Rose Foundation eV,
Mrs. Dr. Hildegard 
the Theaterverein Fürth e.V., for the support to realize the production.
Walter Feucht - whose kind support made it possible to produce the LIVE RECORDING.
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