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Intense, powerfully eloquent composition full of humanity

"SCHOLL - The Bud of the White Rose" premiered at the Stadttheater Fürth

(...) Thomas Borchert and Titus Hoffmann worked together for the first time during the Hamburg 24-hour musicals. Since then they have wanted to write a full-length play together. Hoffmann came across the subject of "The White Rose" and was surprised by the rich imagery of the texts. Borchert was inspired to create a variety of music, which the composer, in collaboration with Robert Paul, arranged in an exciting and fast-paced manner. (...) Whether musical aria or ballad ("Happiness" and "Flame inside" by Alexander Auler wonderfully and grandiosely interpreted by Judith Caspari, whose passionate, solo performance of "The Doppelganger" is once again impressive), whether pop song (the duet of the siblings by Auler together with the powerful and soulful Sandra Leitner: "Together"), humorous up-tempo number (On Sunday comes to the coffee party...), German folk song ("Life is elsewhere"), art song (especially nice the setting of Hans Scholl's poems in "These words remain" and in "Silence") or spiritual song ("Maria Queen"). In addition there is swing or rock'n'roll ("Propaganda"), whereby the genres are also connected. In the background, Robert Paul's five-piece band - also thanks to the successful arrangements by Borchert and Paul - excellently implement these different musical worlds, resulting in smooth transitions.(...) Stephan Prattes, supported by atmospheric lighting design (Raphael-Aaron Moss) and supported by video and graphics (Sönke Feik), has created the stage design. Wooden beams determine it - lying between the cross, bench and stair element, hanging over everything like the sword of Damocles (...) On the sloping stage, the grandiose cast sings, plays and dances to situation-specific, lively choreographies by Andrea Danae Kingston with a passion that it is a joy. Here is the the crème de la crème of the musical (youngsters) gathered! 

(...) Make-up (Nicole Zürner) and costumes (Conny Lüders) are certainly capable of something, but it is the performance, supported by good directing, that creates a coherent impression. Auler as Hans Scholl, who only thaws out in conversation with his best friend, the somewhat mysterious, very own Shurik (very present and yet with an understatement: Fin Holzwart). Hans appreciates the cool, clear head of the anthroposophically trained, elegant Traute (with both acting and singing presence: Judith Caspari), but cannot love her. The support of the motherly, emphatic Inge (played wonderfully by Karolin Konert) doesn't help either. Lina Gerlitz as Ulla harmonizes wonderfully with Dennis Hupka as Freddy. 

(...) "Scholl - The Bud of the White Rose" is an intense, powerfully eloquent composition full of humanity and literally educational. (Barbara Kern)

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