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That's why the Fürth musical SCHOLL - The Bud of the White Rose is worth seeing

"... author and Director Titus Hoffmann, composer Thomas Borchert and their ensemble escaped any embarrassment. SCHOLL - The Bud of the White Rose tells the story in a contemporary, entertaining and suitably harrowing way. (...)

Stephan Prattes' stage is very variable, sometimes a slope in front of a mountain panorama, sometimes hut hygge with a fireplace, sometimes vaudeville glitter under bloody neon. But heavy beams always protrude, allowing associations with the cross and swastika, suggesting a world in ruins. (...) The ensemble acts on this stage under the precise direction of Titus Hoffmann and the subtle choreography of Andrea Danae Kingston: alongside Judith Caspari as Traute Lafrenz, there are Alexander Auler as Hans Scholl and Sandra Leitner as Sophie, Karolin Konkret as hers Sister Inge, Dennis Hupka as Freddy, Lina Gerlitz as his lover Ulla and Fin Holzwart as (imagined) friend and mentor Alexander Schmorell. (...)

Thomas Borchert has composed soundscapes from pop, jazz and recitative arcs (...) There are very fine and musically differentiated melodies such as the duet by Hans and Traute "These words remain". And quite ironic quotations of contemporary rhythms: "On Sunday the leader comes to the coffee party..." The live band under Robert Paul celebrates the songs with Verve. (...)

A worthy musical about a handful of people who deserve it. The early audience jumped up enthusiastically at the final applause."  (Herbert Heinzelmann)

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